KEEPERS: A Preserve Records Holiday Compilation

Wishing you all a restful holiday season.

This year, I set out to compile holiday offerings from some of my favorite musicians in Chicago, resulting in...

KEEPERS: A Preserve Records Holiday Compilation

Featured in the compilation:

- A riotous re-imagination of "The Bells of St. Mary's" from country/noise master Max Abner [Pontac]

- A somber Hanukkah tale from the minds of Matt Beard [Vender & The Cobras] & Gaby FeBland

-Dream-pop Joni Mitchell  [Beth Hyland provides the dream...I attempt to provide the pop.]

-A rockin' exploration of holiday malaise &  debut of a new project from Harrison Lott [To Do List]

-A simple story about a fella who just can't get his dates straight.

and more...

With warmth and well wishes for 2019,